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Intelligenza Artificiale e analisi dei video, la soluzione di Wonderstore per i negozi fisici

store intelligenza artificiale e video

Il mondo dei negozi al dettaglio nell’era post-Covid è sicuramente cambiato rispetto all’epoca pre-pandemia: sono cambiate le aspettative dei clienti e le abitudini di acquisto. La vendita al dettaglio offline sembra essere a rischio, se non si apporta qualche cambiamento. Secondo Wonderstore il concetto di “Store as Media” risulta essere oggi l’approccio vincente per i negozi fisici. Di cosa si tratta?

In questo articolo Wonderstore ci spiega il concetto di “Store as Media” e ci presenta la sua soluzione “WEngage”, con tre casi che dimostrano come è possibile trasformare il marketing di un negozio fisico grazie all’utilizzo dell’Intelligenza Artificiale e dell’analisi dei video, colmando il divario tra le vendite online e quelle offline.

wengage: Store as Media

At WonderStore we have always seen ourselves as technological pioneers focused on Retail marketing transformation. This time we altered our positioning and would like to dive slightly deeper into it with our solution a targeted advertisement on retail screens solution powered by our partner Displayforce.

Working with innovative retailers drives us to improve our solution; not only react to the arising trends but to start them bearing in mind the fluidity of market conjuncture. The post-Covid world is different in many points from what it used to be, and it is fair for customer expectations and new shopping habits.

Offline retail seems to be at risk unless it changes its philosophy. We decided that now the winning approach to a brick and mortar store is the Store as Media concept. In this article, we will try to inspire you and share our perception of how to bring this idea to life.


Case 1. Personalized communication with customers in a store

Every marketer wants to increase engagement rates and show buyers as relevant content as possible. In online, targeting advertisement is widely used without surprising anyone.

We also know how to handle abandoned carts in online marketplaces. What about offline? Now it’s possible too!

WEngage has video analytics capabilities, so it detects buyer’s interest in the particular advertisement by defining their face position and dwell time. The system can also distinguish personnel to avoid any mistakes in advertisement and statistics.

Having analyzed customer points of interest, we trigger all screens in the store to be displaying personalized content while calculating engagement. Moreover, by the time a customer reaches a cashier desk – we prevent offline cart abandonment using the promotion of the most relevant content.

Case 2. Upsale loyal customer in the store

A widespread tactic involving a loyalty system to boost offline sales – is sending push notifications to customers who have a retailer’s mobile app. But let’s face it: in most cases, those pushes are ignored.

However, we believe, that any mobile push notifications should be ignored when a customer is in the sales area! They can really distract attention from the products and promos, which is not good. Good is to communicate with loyal customer in-store.

For those having loyalty apps, we enable hyper-personalization based on a combination of their historical buying habits and current journey in the store.

Case 3. Customer data enrichment

Having as much information about your customers as possible is a dream of every business. However, collecting this data from physical locations is a tough and time-consuming task. Not if you treat the physical store as a media platform: with the use of video analytics based on face recognition you can access enhanced data quickly and easily.

We dramatically enrich customer data – analyzing dwell time, how much time they spent with specific products, and what was their journey. An actual Customer Journey map is built by registering customers’ routes between cameras. This information as well as knowledge of their points of interest, demographics, and cohort is also a great help in upselling customers: it enables personalized communications right away in the store or later with digital marketing campaigns.


These three cases demonstrate clearly, how you can transform store marketing using AI and video analytics filling the gap between online and offline. And the whole functionality is not limited to it. Another arrow in the quiver to revolutionize in-store marketing is the Programmatic module about which we are going to tell you next time. For more information about engage solution click here.

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